About Camp Sonshine
and Our Team

About Camp Sonshine

Camp Sonshine Portugal was established in 2008.

Since 2008, camp has changed and transformed every year to make it an even better experience for the young people. We have had many different leaders over the years coming from all across Europe to look after the young people at camp and we also have our core team who strive every year to make camp better.

Our Team

Glenn Bowden
The Director

Glenn is the founder of Camp Sonshine Portugal and is our director. He is the one with the vision and creativity which makes Camp such a great experience for the young people.

Judith Loney
The Cook

Judith is our very own cook during all 3 weeks of camp. She works tirelessly in the kitchen with her team while everyone is enjoying themselves at the pool to provide healthy, delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mark Loney
The Pastor

Mark is the pastor of the International Church of the Algarve where camp is based. During Camp Sonshine Mark helps in any way he can, going to the shop to get water, food, giving lifts to Aquashow, and locking up the campsite at night time among many other things.

Rosie Norte

Rosie is our registration administrator for campers, and the lady you will be in contact with most during the application process. Rosie is based in Portugal, and speaks fluent English and Portuguese.

Chloe Jones Gregg
Creative Director

During camp we love to have exciting plays, dances and music to make it a really fun experience for our campers. Chloe organises all of our creative activities at camp, which our campers always seem to love!

Katie Allen
Charity Trustee
&  Administration

Katie is based in Northern Ireland, and processes and prepares all of our leaders coming from Europe and manages the Charity. During camp Katie is the main contact for parents.

Ross McComiskey
Charity Trustee
& Northern Ireland Team

Ross along with Katie organises the administration of the Charity in Northern Ireland, processes our leader applications, and also organises activities for Camp Sonshine Portugal.

Raquel & Barry Henry
Our Leaders

Barry is our Portuguese pastor at the church, during Camp Barry helps any way he can, giving lifts, in the kitchen, clean up and translating. Raquel, Barry’s wife also helps with translation during Camp as well as registration and in the kitchen.

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Registered Charity

Camp Sonshine Portugal is a registered charity NIC106930